10 Secret Tips to keep your Hair Nourished This Summer


Hair Care is essential and for some people a breathing Lifeline as they say “Hair is the Natural Beauty Crown you Wear” so keeping them healthy, intact, shinier and lively is critical. Sweat and dust during summers does increase hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizzy texture and increased hair fall. Some easy hacks and hair care tips that may help your hair get better and restore its natural moisture and softness include,

  • Avoid too many cosmetics, use a paraben free shampoo.
  • Avoid Blow-drying and putting on Gels and Hair Lotions unless they are organic-based. Let your hair be air-dried.
  • Use Coconut oil or castor oil as they are oils similar in texture and composition as human body oil.
  • Do not tie up your hair too severely or knot them up severely as tight coiled hairdo might break your hair follicles and weaken them.

Put your hair goals in priority list and don’t let your hair lose its shine as it says a lot about your diet and lifestyle.


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