3 Drinks Proven To Lower Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure is a common medical problem these days. Whenever left untreated, it can prompt genuine complexities, for example, heart attack and stroke.

In any case, hypertension is a preventable condition. Basic changes to diet and lifestyle could help decrease the danger of having health complications.

Health specialists regularly suggest decreasing salt in daily meals. Eating more fruit and vegetables can also help manage blood pressure.

This article investigates the best three beverages you can enjoy to reduce the danger of hypertension and void other potential health complications. Their health benefits have been supported by scientific research.

Green Tea

A recent report found that green tea could help decrease BP based on consequences of 25 human trails Analysts found that long term consumption of tea, or at least 12 weeks of drinking, guarantees better benefits to blood pressure.

Beetroot Juice

Researchers in London recently discovered that drinking one cup of beetroot juice every day could help maintain and return blood pressure to normal levels, Daily Express reported Wednesday. The group analyzed the impacts of the juice in 64 individuals with hypertension.

“The effect is caused by the high heels of a type of chemical called nitrates, which is found in high quantities in beetroot, and other leafy green vegetables like kale and cabbage,” the British Heart Foundation said, which funded the study.

Researchers suggest no to boil beetroot. Try steaming, roasting or making a juice to maintain its healthy properties and better enjoy its benefits.


Kombucha offers high measures of probiotics. This beverage is known to help maintain good bacteria that ensure gut health. A review of nine studies showed that regular intake of probiotics for more than eight weeks could help maintain blood pressure at normal levels. Yogurt, kimchi, miso, and tempeh are other fermented food that offers the same health benefits as Kombucha.


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