5 Zodiac Signs to Watch out for Due to April 2019 New Moon


The April new moon shows up in the wee hours around 13:50 am on 5 April 2019 in Pakistan. Many astrologers cast grave significant as it will bestow more pleasant lunar burst of energy than last one.

What Is New Moon?

New moon is the phase in which the sun and moon are in conjunction and lunar disk is not visible from earth. It is the time when sun synchronizes with moon to radiate bundle of energy and initiation. In ancient times farmers use to sow seeds during new moon and reap at full moon to get the maximum results. Therefore it is the most effective time to start off with anything new in life, start up a new project, venture into the unknown, kick off any new idea, thus it mark the beginning of new slate in one’s life. Our energy begins to build at the new moon giving us a new vigor and more control over our lives.

The effects of the April 5 new moon will last four weeks up to the May 4 New Moon. Therefore it is ideal time to make fresh start within first two weeks of this new moon cycle.

The Five Signs that need to fasten their seatbelts as this new moon will profoundly affect them and our luckier than the rest.



It is evident that new moon arrives in Aries territory which is completely overwhelmed by feisty and aggressive people due to their fire element. So they will be directly under the Radar of invigorating energy which can completely make wonders for them.  You are engulfed with energy which can help you eradicate self doubts, low confidence and any botherations. You can make significant progress in any decisions or plans you make right now. It’s your season to shine so bring your fire energy to the table and use it to your advantage whether for professional or personal goals and I bet you will suffer no hiccups but ONLY PATH OF SUCCESS. Currently you can turn anything into reality even your unthinkable dreams if you fight through it.


You will be slammed with workload and time management will become a problem. Decision fatigue related to work will get you stressed and tired. However it can be very surprising for you as this new moon energy will bring out the hidden talents of yours, if you try to give it a shot. Apart from work, which is going nowhere take out some time to pamper your intellect? YES you heard it right indulge in a activity you always dreamed of e.g. learn new language or learn painting or try sketches anything that will improve your intelligence level as you will be able to pull it off quite well surprisingly. You should use this new moon energy in conquering new expertise and thus creating a new version of yours.  Shed the old habits and bring out the new ones.


This is the time for you to make an impact on new people that come along your way especially professionally. This new moon energy will gift you with something people crave to do that is building a powerful impact on others during first encounters. Yes this is quite empowering trait. This is the time to make social networking wider and taking up the opportunities that will connect you to people so any marketing or sales or public speaking job will be a plus for you. You will make a mark on people with your skills and your qualities. Try showcasing your skills and expertise to get recognition that you wanted for long. Develop new professional goals and business plans, as it will surely lead you to more power and acknowledgement.


The energy new moon creates will help trigger positivity around you. You need to be more expressive with your positive thoughts. Try to let go the inhibitions or any negative ions that surround you, focus more on expressing your happy and romantic thoughts. This new moon energy will bring you closer to love and affection if you let yourself be more vocal with your rosy and gleeful thoughts. Secondly your creativity is very high now so therefore think about investing this creativity by doing something of your own. Make use of this trait that is running high currently in monetary terms.


It is a time for you to make new relationships and reorganize the old ones. You are those people who let they carry more than the burden you bargain for without any complaint. You do whatever it takes attitude even if it means overburdening yourself and getting burn out. You will be embraced with some opportunities and new relationships but do not rush into it, take time to assess, evaluate yourself and don’t overpromise. This luminary will guide you to make rational and thoughtful decisions so be very vigilant and attentive of any new relationship and don’t let yourself be emotionally burdened. Iron out your issues with old ones and make new boundaries with them to make them work.

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