9 Weird Things that Could be Triggering your Migraine


Migraine is a fraction of how hell feels on earth, and nobody wants to have them ever, but its just a curse that needs medication and attention. Migraines cause severe pain in the head that is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, sensitivity to loud and sound and blurred vision. It just doesn’t hamper your productivity but makes you “useless” by wanting you to stay confined to bed all day long.

The biological reason of migraines is still on the way of “discovery” by medical experts, but what is unveiled is that your serotonin levels in the body drops that is directly responsible for regulating pain in your nervous system which causes the meninges ( outer membranes in brain) to swell giving you crippling headache that would refuse to go away. Migraine is fortunately curable with medicines and a refreshing lifestyle, however it is convenient to know what triggers this pain, and how we can curb it by giving these foods and activities a wide berth,

Aged Cheese

It’s not completely clear why aged cheeses may set off migraine pain, but tyramine, a substance found in them, has been linked to the ailment. Still, eating aged cheeses doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get a migraine, even if you suffer from them. “Some patients can get a migraine after eating these cheeses; others don’t.

Hormonal Pills/Birth Control Pills

Women tend to start getting migraines when they begin menstruating and those  who have chronic headaches will, in general, get them directly before their period begins,

Changes in estrogen, specifically, appear to trigger headaches in ladies. “The fall in estrogen before a lady’s period might be a system that triggers the process for certain ladies,”

Salty Foods

Salty foods can influence your blood pressure. In particular, they increase in the measure of sodium in your blood can disturb your kidney’s capacity to remove water. Your body reacts with higher blood pressure — and that is condusive to headaches in individuals prone to them, said Dr. Ilan Danan, a nervous system specialist at the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles.

Artificial Sweeteners

Be careful what you’re adding to your espresso or tea. Artificial sugars, for example, aspartame can be headache starters. It’s an assumption these sugars lower serotonin levels in an individual’s body, which would then be able to trigger the arrival of neuropeptides and set off a chain response that prompts a headache,

Jet Lag

Any kind of disturbance in rest, such as flying between time zones, can be a trigger for migraines Compartment pressurization from flying may even play a role, since it can cause dilation in veins that can be a part of the migraine response.

Skipping Meals

A regular eating schedule is crucial for those who experience migraines. Missing a feast or eating long past your typical time can cause a drop in your blood glucose. What’s more, that can cause a chemical change in your body that can be a headache trigger

Changes in climate

At the point when the climate shifts, changes in barometric and air weight additionally happen ― and those are believed to be straightforwardly identified with headaches

Late Sleeping 

When you sleep past midnight and wake up late can cause headaches why? Because your body is craving food, im particular some instant carbs as your body is going in basal state ( sleep state ) as the last meal you had was 12 our ago! It’s a warning you need to get up and eat a banana or something that will recharge you immediately. It’s your Stomach giving you headache to wake up.

Screen Fixation

People who work non-stop on laptops or watch TV screens are prone to migraines because light and sound can trigger ocular headaches and you may lose vision for a temporary while. So in case you suffer from acute migraines that cause blurring and tearing up of your eyes with vertigo, it’s a red flag warning to switch off your devices and just give your eyes a “breather” and obviously your brain too.

Keep yourself hydrated and de-stress yourself to keep migraines at bay, also very importantly get a good night sleep.


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