Afghanistan wants UNGA to respond positively to the letter of representation in United Nations: Suhail Shaheen


While talking in an interview to the President of Global Times Pakistan, Suhail Shaheen ‘Nominated Permanent Representative of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan to United Nations’ addressed his views on the letter presented to United Nations for the Taliban representation of Afghanistan, he said the letter has been passed to the credential committee and it will come under process after November.

While answering a question about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech in United Nation’s General Assembly for Afghanistan, he said we highly appreciate the thoughtful and positive message from Pakistan on Afghan administration on such platform, he mentioned other countries to behave similarly as 40 years of isolation and war has awarded nothing to the world. Afghanistan being a war torn country is in a dire need of rehabilitation, reconstruction and contribution of other countries to solve the humanitarian crisis. Further more Afghanistan wants a positive response on Taliban representation of Afghanistan in United Nations as they have fulfilled all the requirements and they want the international community to decide on the basis of ground realities instead of political propaganda, he added.

He also said that Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan wants a positive response, brotherly relations, cooperation for development, welfare, stability and peace in the region.


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