AIDS Might be Totally Cured by 2020 and this is a Huge Win says Medical Scientists


AIDS is a disease that has long plagued humans. Coming from a virus, it attacks our immune system, which then results to our body becoming vulnerable and weak and likely to develop life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, there is still no known cure to AIDS, since the only thing available today is a treatment that can help control the virus.

However, that may soon change since a new study has confirmed that a drug has been proven to have the ability to stop HIV from transmitting, which means that a cure for AIDS might be closer than we think.

The researchers were then able to conclude after the study that there was no case of the virus being transmitted. While the study was ongoing, the HIV-positive patients used antiretroviral therapy to help suppress the virus.

Dr. Mervyn Silverman, who led the San Francisco Department of Public Health during the AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s, said that the study was a huge step for both the scientific and medical community, since AIDS has been a disease that’s affected so many lives.

“This suppressed in such a low level that the person is not infectious anymore. Now, what is so important is getting everybody tested. Those who are positive getting them under treatment, maintaining that treatment and people adhering to the medication on a daily basis,” Dr. Silverman said. “I think we are (getting closer) and the American Foundation for AIDS research is spending $100 million over the course of four years and hopefully we will have one soon.”

If everything goes right, a cure could be available as soon as 2020, as per Dr. Silverman.

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