My dear Prime Minister,
Our deep appreciation for the principled stand you took, over the rights of our Palestinian brothers. I am here to seek your kind views and indulgence on some issues which have hitherto remained untouchable topics. These queries may as well provide us a way out or at least food for thought:

-Where does Pakistan stand today given the Historical and religious nature of this conflict?

-Do we agree that the war on Jerusalem is a reality where Al Aqsa will be destroyed and the third temple resurrected. Isn’t that war mentioned in the Hadith of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

-Isn’t it very obvious that such a war will be an all-out war where every Muslim nation, as well as individual, will be tested to the limits?

-Since that will be the final and biggest ever test for the entire Ummah, as the Chief executive of the one and only Muslim nuclear power, have you been ever briefed by any institution of any Plan A, B, or C which may have been contemplated to deal with this most important, most dangerous and most testing of all situations?

-What will be our national response if tomorrow the Al Aqsa is destroyed and the Third Temple is rebuilt?

-Have you been informed of our response as a nation if the Zionist declare that the ‘ antichrist ‘ has arrived?

-Have you ever discussed with anyone what will be our reaction if we are told that ‘ Mehdi el Muntazar’ has been recognized and the ‘ Biat’ on his hands has commenced? (It is Hadith and no concoction from any side).

-Have we made preparations for the events which will turn the world upside down when Hazrat Issa (ES)is sent back to earth by Allah Almighty?

I know the answer to these very genuine and authentic queries will be hard to acknowledge or explained but why? Isn’t each and every event not aptly described in Quran and Hadith? Didn’t our eminent Scholars like Prof Israr and other visionary leaders inform us very very clear of these impending realities? Can someone ask why no one took notice? Dear Prime Minister, the task ahead is enormous as well as extremely important. Even if we decide to take on these realities head-on, we will need a national resolve and understanding to enable us to prove ourselves equal to the task. The most important of all will be to stop shying away from this reality just trying to prove that we are enlightened and moderate Muslims.

We have one of the finest fighting armed forces which will prove their metal anywhere. Let everyone start the necessary work so that a thoroughly articulated, well-organized, and unambiguous course of action is chartered for all times to come.A word of caution sir, any secular brain or a person without sincere religious knowledge may not be made part of the team. They cannot handle this rather spiritual situation due to their default settings. Nothing personal against anyone.

Thank you, Sir!

Respectful Regards.

Ambassador Amjad Majid Abbasi.
The writer is the former diplomat of Pakistan. He remained Ambassador of Pakistan to Myanmar.


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