Angelina Jolie Describes Sahraa Karimi’s Appointment as First Female Chairperson to Lead Afghan Film ‘Historic’


Sahraa Karimi, producer and executive, was appointed as the first female General Director of Afghan Film, the nation’s state-run movie production company, through a merit-based procedure led at the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission.

“Sahraa Karimi got the required imprints for getting to be leader of the Afghan Film in a free and fair procedure which was attended by an enormous number of candidates,” said Farid Ahmad, representative of the commission.

Karimi, 30, is a celebrated Afghan producer who has more than 10 years of experience in filmmaking and has coordinated in excess of 30 motion pictures.

She has a PhD in film from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Film and TV Faculty in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Karimi is the first and the only lady in Afghanistan who has a Ph.D. in film and filmmaking.

“War has influenced Afghanistan’s film as far as a generation, however, our films can be very rich in terms of content because our country is full of colorful stories,” Karimi said.

Karimi has been effectively occupied with filmmaking in Afghanistan over the most recent six years. She has delivered and coordinated 30 short fictions, two narrative movies, and one long-fiction film.

Her photos “Afghan Women behind Driving the Wheel, Memoirs of an Immigrant Girl, and In Search of Fantasy have won worldwide honors.

In her most recent motion picture entitled, Eve, Maryam, Ayesha, she has mirrored the genuine of Afghan ladies.

Karimi said her most significant arrangement for Afghanistan’s film is to make ready for assigning a financial limit for the filmmaking business in the nation.

“I will try to provide the conditions for filmmaking so that other filmmakers can narrate the stories of our country because if we do not tell the stories, other people will do it in a wrong manner,” Karimi said.

“Afghanistan cinema’s problems are multi-dimensional. For instance, there is no budget, there is no encouragement and also the government, especially the Information and Culture Ministry, have no cooperation and artists have been separated,” said Engineer Latif, director, and filmmaker.

Afghan film was set up in 1968 however so far it has not completed an impressive action because of the four many years of the war in the nation.

Angelina Jolie, a former Hollywood actor and the Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in a letter to Karimi, described her appointment as a historic achievement for women in Afghanistan.

“I was moved to hear of your recent historic appointment as the Director General of the Afghan Film production company. I wanted to write to congratulate you on your remarkable achievement. Afghanistan is very close to my heart and I can imagine how much your appointment means to your fellow countrywomen in particular,” she wrote.

She pledged to support Karimi’s efforts for the filmmaking industry in Afghanistan.

“If there are ways that I or my office can support your efforts, and filmmaking in Afghanistan, I hope you will let me know,” the letter reads.

On Sunday, Karimi officially started her new job.


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