Apple Heart Watch Monitor App will now tell you what’s up with your heart!


The users of latest series of Apple Watch will be able to monitor their own heartbeat and its rhythmic pulse by the use of electrocardiogram function installed inside. Now as much as it sounds cool, it is also raising concerns for the General Physicians who claim that the patients will be flooding their clinics over a “trivial” erratic heart beat pattern if tracked by the Apple Watches. The ECG app will monitor the heart rate by using electrodes placed on the crown of the watch and sensors on the back that will create a loop across your chest and detect heart activity. This will be converted into a chart onto your watch displaying your heart beat with quite accuracy to be honest, and although it is developed with the intention to help customers become aware of their health & fitness goals but it seems quite the contrary for doctors.

The developed of this Apple Watch Heart Monitor App Miss. Sumbal Desai stated that the aim to make such an app was to create better understanding and “ice-breaker” between doctor/patient but people and medics across the Europe feel that it will create unnecessary worry and paranoia among consumers.

Apple Company also stated that this Heart Monitor App is by no means a replacement of a GP consultation so if the heart detects abnormality via app then you should go to a proper doctor.

Tell us what you think about this new Apple discovery? Although it’s still a long way before entering Pakistan Market but it is always good to know beforehand what’s cooking in tech world!


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