As Cyberpunk reboots, can unloved games win an extra life?


Retro-futurist video game Cyberpunk 2077 will be back in the Playstation store on Monday after a disastrous launch marred by bugs forced a 184-day time-out.

But can a blockbuster game recover from the reputational hit of a failed roll-out? Sometimes, as other titles have shown, one can.

“Redemption is possible,” said Yohan Bensemhoun, game tester for “But it s risky. Fail twice and you re done.”

CD Projekt s dark future roleplaying title had been hotly anticipated after the studio s work on the groundbreaking The Witcher III, but gamers were disappointed when the game first appeared and an online storm damaged confidence.

Some games — even some studios — go under after such a botched start, but when the hopefully revamped Cyberpunk 2077 goes back on sale the developers will be hoping they emulate the revival of games like “No Man s Sky”.

When that game came out in mid-2016, under the banner of UK studio Hello Games, the epic space explorer was billed as a revolution, set in an almost infinite universe featuring planets boasting unique ecosystems.

“It s up there, yes, as one of the most exciting game I ve ever awaited,” said 31-year-old British gamer Matthew Winter.


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