Asad Umar steps down, decides not to take any cabinet position


Finance Minister Asad Umar on Thursday declared that he has acquired the PM Khan’s assent “to not take any Cabinet position” in the midst of reports of a reshuffle.

“As a major aspect of a cabinet reshuffle, prime minister wanted that I take the energy minister portfolio rather than finance,” he said. “Be that as it may, I have acquired his consent to not take any cabinet position.”

Reports were circulating prior this week about a conceivable reshuffle in the post for Minister for Finance and Minister of State for Interior held by Asad Umar and Shehryar Afridi individually.

The government all in all and the finance minister specifically host confronted mounting critics by opposition, and individuals from the business network and residents over the handling of the monetary emergency.

Umar recently returned back from an excursion to Washington in which the subtleties of Pakistan’s next International Monetary Fund bailout were settled, recorded and signed. An IMF mission is relied upon to visit Islamabad before the month’s end to work out technical tables since every single serious issue had been settled and recorded, Umar had said.


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