Asia Bibi: Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy finally leaves Pakistan for Canada


A Pakistani Christian woman who went through eight years waiting for capital punishment after accused of blasphemy has left the nation to join her family in Canada, her legal advisor and authorities said.

It denotes the end of an ordeal for mother-of-five Asia Bibi, who was first sentenced in 2010 after neighbors blamed her for offending the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in an argument.

Ms Bibi was vindicated by the Supreme Court a year ago and in January the court rejected petitions to audit the choice. With tensions high over the case, she has been living in government safe houses in Pakistan since her quittance.

“I have inquired from inside accessible channels, and as indicated by them she has left for Canada,” Ms Bibi’s legal counselor, Saif ul-Malook, told Reuters. It has recently been accounted for that Ms Bibi’s two girls have been allowed refuge in Canada, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed he was in talks with Pakistan to offer asylum to Ms Bibi and her better half.

The companion said Ms Bibi was yearning to see her little girls, with whom she talked regularly from her safe area that is ensured by Pakistani security forces.

The conflicts constrained PM Imran Khan to guarantee Asia Bibi would not be permitted to leave Pakistan until the last appeal against her was heard by the Supreme Court. That was expelled in January, with judges saying the petitioners were “unable to call attention to a single blunder in the [October] judgment”.


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