Avengers 4 trailer plot, title leaked…and Snap! ‘disappears’


An ongoing post on Reddit purportedly released the trailer plot and the title for Avengers 4. Despite the fact that the post strangely vanished, a couple of news sources figured out how to get the substance of the post before it disappeared.

A YouTube channel, 9 Media completed a full depiction video of what was missed in the trailer. Basically, we are informed that the new Marvel film will see a gathering between Captain America and Iron Man and we are reclaimed to the Battle of New York from the 2012 Avengers motion picture and obviously the Quantum Realm.

We additionally get to know Thanos’ new weapon and the title which, as per the YouTube video was “Vindicators: Annihilation”.

The fourth Avengers film has been planned for a May 2019 discharge. The film will supposedly finish up this stage in the MCU, opening entryways for another arrangement of characters to take up the mantle.

For an itemized trailer portrayal watch the video beneath:

Avengers 4 trailer plot, title leaked…and Snap! ‘disappears’


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