Bolivia declares Israel a Terrorist Country and Muslim World couldn’t Agree More


Bolivian President Eva Morales has declared Israel a terrorist state due to the brutal Gaza Strip and PM Imran Khan also recently in a statement disclosed that saying,

“I will never consider Israel a country”

 It is a terrorist funding nation or rather a terrorist state itself that harbors and promotes terrorism against the Muslims be it their military actions in Syria or the secretive meetings held between Trump and Isreael Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There were speculations circulating recently that Israel backed India for the airstrike between the neighboring countries on 27th February 2019 by providing their specialized five Mirage jets armed with Israeli-made Spice 2000 smart missiles attacked what New Delhi says was a terrorist training camp. Each missile weighs 1,000 kilograms and operates on pre-fed GPS coordinates. They are also fitted with technology making them invulnerable to jamming or deflection, the sources said. These rumors turned out true later on.

The Israel Aerospace Industries agreed in 2017 to supply air-defense systems to the Indian army, in what was described as one the largest arms deals in the history of Israel’s security industries. The tensions between India-Pakistan has escalating to a great deal because of Israel’s insistent support to India and the type of inciting cmon-do-the-war- kind behavior by Israel Government is fanning fire to the flames between the two nuclear power countries.

Israeli natives will presently be required to get a visa before making a trip to Bolivia. Already, under a 1972 understanding, which Morales impugned for being “marked under a tyrannical routine,” Israelis could travel openly into Bolivia without getting a visa, as indicated by La Razón. Israel does not regard the standards or motivations behind the United Nations sanction nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Morales stated, as indicated by Página Siete.

Morales, an admirer of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian communism, severed discretionary relations with the Jewish state in 2009, and has revoked Israel’s treatment of Palestinians “a genocide.”

The Muslim world is well aware of Israel dirty underhanded roles in every form or act of terrorism directed towards the Muslims and even though some of the super power countries are emerging against Israel now opening contradicting and banning Israel,  could it mean the onset of a revolutionary rise of the Muslim world?  We could not say Amen to that louder enough!


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