CM Buzdar Announces Online Property Ownership Facility in Punjab


Punjab government has chosen to issue the land ownership deeds through commercial banks to wipe out the syndication of income authorities.
Chief Minister of Punjab led a high-level state meeting to talk about the modalities of the new framework. He was notified that different counters will be built up at the commercial banks for issuance of possession deeds.

The meeting chose to present an online system for issuance of ownership deeds from July 1. The chief minister observed that the prompt disposal of public protests about revenue matters is significant.

“Any delay in public welfare projects is painful. I cannot sit silent over the pain and misery of people,” he said. CM Buzdar also said that public complaints regarding the corruption of revenue staff will not be tolerated at all. He directed to activate helpline/call centers to prevent corruption in the revenue department.

He proposed introducing an arrangement of depositing fees at land record focuses on extending the extent of land record centers. These land record centers will be set up at government buildings consistently, he included.

Buzdar underlined that enforcement of the land utilization policy should be enforced after approval. He also directed to complete the settlement process as soon as possible in the Dera Ghazi Khan Division.


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