Collin Farrel will never pay for a Kebab in his Life and oh Boy it sounds Exciting!


We often dream about celebrities getting free meals at restaurants. Although it’s probably just a myth, the actor Colin Farrell shows us that being famous does come with some perks, like getting free kebabs forever. Invited by Jimmy Kimmel in his Live show to promote Tim Burton’s last movie Dumbo, the Irish actor talked about his love for food particularly Kebab craze.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked him about his favorite spots to dine out back in Ireland, Colin Farrel mentioned a restaurant chain called Abrakebabra, which is very popular in his home country.

It’s a cultural flagship in my country manhe sums up before explaining that he particularly loves eating one at 3am!

During the conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Colin Farrell also mentions the fact that he actually never pays in the restaurants of this chain, since he owns the Holy Grail i.e. a gold card which allows him to eat there for free for the rest of his life.

I haven’t paid for a kebab in five years manthe actor explains, except for one time when the waitress didn’t recognize him. And he seemed bouncy as a little kid thinking on those 3am kebab binge flashbacks.

Sighs. We can just imagine or perhaps smell how this rare privilege feels like!


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