Expatriates sent over $ 3 billion to Roshan Digital Account: Farrukh


 Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said on Wednesday said that the government has made the process of inheritance certificate transparent and easy which would greatly benefit the Overseas Pakistanis.

Addressing the Overseas Pakistanis Convention here he said expatriates sent more than $3 billion to Roshan Digital Account.

The minister said that overseas Pakistanis were raising the voice of oppressed Kashmiris all over the world.

“There are ample opportunities in the tourism sector in which overseas Pakistanis can invest”, Farrukh Habib said.

“Overseas Pakistanis are our national assets, we will continue to serve them”, he said.

He said that the national economy faced a challenges due of Covid 19, owning it to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful strategy, the world is appreciating Pakistan’s strategy.

He said that industrial sectors in Pakistan was fully operational today, record sales of cars and motorcycles was registered and Rs1000 billion projects were being built in the housing sector.

He said that application worth Rs 260 billion for low income houses were received, and Rs 40 billion loans issues.

“We are facing challenges like economy, Covid-19, global inflation, rise in transportation cost of goods.”

He said that 70 million population vaccinated free of cost and Rs 250 billion were vaccines purchased.

He said that social security network has been established, Sehat Insaf Card has been introduced and Rs 260 billion Ehsas program started.

The present government has taken steps to give the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis, he said.


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