Faryal Talpur’s physical remand extended until July 8


An accountability court in Islamabad on Monday allowed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) 14-day physical remand of PPP pioneer Faryal Talpur to examine a corruption case.

Talpur, sister of PPP co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, was named in a fake accounts case that is being probed by NAB. She was arrested by NAB on June 14 for supposed tax evasion through phony accounts.

During today’s hearing, a NAB examiner told the court that Talpur had conceded that she moved cash to one Owais Muzaffar through the records, which are supposedly phony. The PPP chief had told the questioners that she “didn’t have a clue” that the records were phony, he said.

The NAB investigator said that Talpur had revealed to them that the Zardari Group provided sugarcane. The counter defilement guard dog said it needed to address Talpur with respect to the announcements of proprietors of land where the sugarcane was being grown.

The NAB investigator said that it was before asserted that the Omni Group had moved installments after Zardari Group provided them with sugarcane, yet in ongoing investigations, Talpur had said that she didn’t realize which sugar factory sent her the cash. As indicated by her, she knew that sugarcane had been sold yet did not realize which sugar factory had gotten it.

Talpur revealed to NAB that she had gotten installments from the individuals who purchased sugarcane, the responsibility department’s direction said. The counter responsibility guard dog needs to find out the legitimacy of her announcement by inspecting the records, he included.

Latif Khosa, who is a piece of Talpur’s legitimate group, said that her offer in the Zardari Group was just one percent. Her legal advisor, Farooq H. Naek, said that she had no job in the Park Lane defilement case either and that NAB was “blending everything up”.

Khosa likewise inquired as to why NAB was not making a move against Aleema Khan, who was designated for a situation relating to resources past known methods.

“Makeup [whatever cases] you need,” he said in court. “We (PPP) have been bearing this for a long time.”

He additionally requested NAB to give a duplicate of its discoveries from Talpur’s investigation up until now.

Throughout the meeting, judge Arshad Malik called Talpur to the platform and inquired as to whether NAB had taken her to a medical clinic. She said that a medicinal group had visited her to direct an examination. She told the court that she experienced diabetes and hypertension.

“Individuals who are assigned in [any] case experience the ill effects of hypertension,” the judge commented.

The court coordinated NAB to create Talpur under the steady gaze of court on July 8 and dismissed the meeting up to that point.


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