FIFA mission meets Pakistan’s football officials

FIFA mission meets Pakistan’s football officials
FIFA mission meets Pakistan’s football officials

LAHORE: The joint FIFA-AFC reality discovering mission on Tuesday met with the football authorities in the nation before it shows its discoveries to the worldwide and Asian football bodies on which authorities ought to lead the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

The mission met agents from the Ashfaq Hussain Shah-drove PFF, the gathering perceived in the nation as the genuine one after a decision held by the Supreme Court in December, and the gathering driven by Faisal Saleh Hayat, who is perceived by FIFA as the PFF boss.

The mission, headed by FIFA’s part affiliations director Luca Nicola, had gatherings of two hours each with the two gatherings.

From the Hayat group, secretary resigned Col Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi, delegate secretary general Fahad Khan, fund executive Nadia Naqvi and head of association and media Shahid Khokhar showed up before the mission.

No congress part from the Ashfaq-drove PFF showed up before the mission following a crisis Congress held before in the day which took that position after the mission had wouldn’t meet VP Sardar Naveed Haider Khan after the Hayat group asserted he was suspended.

Sardar Naveed was a previous Hayat partner who abandoned him after the nation’s peak court reported crisp races of the PFF following a three-year fight in court for control of the nation’s football administering body.

Legal advisors Taha Alizai and Chahudhry Zulfiqar met the mission in the interest of the Ashfaq-drove PFF.

“Albeit both are legal counselors, the two of them have direct connections with football since Taha runs Karachi United FC and Zulfiqar was ex-leader of the Lahore District Football Association,” Ashfaq told Dawn, guarding the move of sending their legitimate delegates to meet the mission.

Ashfaq guaranteed that the mission had recommended crisp decisions of the PFF under a standardization panel set by FIFA and said his gathering was happy to partake in those surveys.

The Hayat group denied that the mission made any recommendations for new decisions, including that FIFA’s part affiliations council had effectively chosen that surveys couldn’t be held before March 2020.

The Hayat group is because of meet the Hayat group against on Wednesday when it will likewise meet authorities of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA).

There are reports that the POA would be a piece of the crisp races yet Ashfaq said they wouldn’t acknowledge the POA’s job since it is inclining towards Hayat.


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