Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has presented the Economic Survey


Federal Finance minister Shaukat Tareen has presented the Economic Survey before the announcement of Annual Budget 2021 , In a press conference he said that Economy is recovering and is moving toward stability.

He further added that , Economy has faced turbulence due to covid 19 and its case load in february even after that rise , the economy has started moving toward stability.

Federal Minister said that the growth in remittances has proven that overseas Pakistanis have a true bond with president Imran Khan , 29 percent growth in remittances is a blessing in disguise for Paksitan.

Further more the Taxation is FBR are also going well , Tax returns are almost 11 percent more then the last year.

He said that I can’t predict whether Pakistan can be added in the white list from the grey list but for about three to four months the national monthly growth in industries is about 26 percent.

He further said that we are working on inflation , we will increase the growth of agriculture, and we will further improve the infrastructure of our country.

He said we have placed the overall budget of 5.7 trillion out of which debt load is 1.7 trillion , 2 trillion less than the last year.


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