Hailey Baldwin says She and Justin Bieber Want Kids Soon

Hailey Baldwin wants kids

Those envisioning a Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin baby will have to wait a bit more, in spite of Baldwin’s ability to gush over babies on Instagram. After Kylie Jenner posted a photograph of Travis Scott and their little girl Stormi, Hailey Baldwin raised a few eyebrows with her remark.

“Please stop giving me the most baby fever,” she wrote. she composed. “She’s the best.”

Normally, the Internet got on the comment, and for a brief minute had hoped that Baldwin and Bieber might have their own child very soon. In a post on their Instagram, ET Canada expressed: “Could there be a baby Bieber on the horizon?! Hailey Bieber says Kylie Jenner’s girl Stormi is giving her “baby fever.

Baldwin rapidly shut down the likelihood that she’ll be having kids sooner rather than later.

“Simply appreciating my friend’s lovely little girl,” she remarked on the post. “Doesn’t mean I’m having babies at any point in the near future!”

Baldwin isn’t the just one in the relationship dropping clues about needing babies, however. Earlier this month Bieber posted a photograph of him and Baldwin, spouting over his significant other and making a notice of their future babies, but with a little caveat.

“Love dates with you baby.. one day I’ll be doing daddy-daughter dates….. not hinting at anything soon,” he wrote. “I’m not in a rush. I just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while!”


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