Hania Aamir on Her Comparison with Alia Bhatt


Hania Aamir is an amazing and talented Pakistani actress who has made a substantial name in a shorter period of time. Hania Aamir was too young when she joined the showbiz industry. Now, Hania has made her she significant place in the main stream media and she does main lead roles. All the top producers prefer to cast her. She is often compared with Bollywood actress Aalia Bhatt. Fans also say that she is Pakistan’s Alia Bhatt.

Well, the actress recently opened up about it in an interview to a local news portal, while talking about it, Hania Aamir said, ” Alia Bhatt is a megastar,” said the Mere Humsafar actor. “I feel happy when people draw comparisons between us.

Besides this, the actress had copied Aalia Bhatt’s Gangu Bai’s promotion style in the recent past, Hania wore a white dress like Aalia Bhatt and reached out to public in a car. She was on the vehicle and was waving hands to fans same as Aalia. This was noticed by her fans too, they said that she’s copying Gangu Bai’s look. Like waise many compared her with Aalia Bhatt.


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