India can attack Pakistan in Winters, Former Defense Minister


News Desk – Former Defense Minister Lt. General (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi said that India can attack Pakistan in the winters.

While talking to a National TV Channel’s program Expose India, General (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi said that Chinese pressure would be lesser on India in the winters because of low temperature in Ladakh and because of American Presidential Elections in November, America’s attention would be on elections so there are less chances of American interference as well.

General (R) Lodhi said that according to him there are chances that India can attack Pakistan between November, 2020 and March 2021. He further said that if the Opposition Parties will go for riots against the government, then the internal scenario of Pakistan Army will be ideal for India to do something against Pakistan and now is the time to see that the political parties of Pakistan understand this or not.

While talking about Pakistan’s response General (R) Lodhi said that Pakistan Army is always ready and if India will go for any misadventure, the answer from Pakistan Army would be loud and more worse than 27th February 2019.


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