Indians portray Masood Azhar terror listing as ‘diplomatic win’


Indians depicted the United Nations’ posting Jaish-e-Muhmamad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist as a diplomatic win for New Delhi in spite of the global peace organization’s security gathering dropping any reference to the Pulwama assault.

Indian Twitterati went into overdrive not long after JeM top pioneer was boycotted by UNSC sanctions board of trustees with Pakistan and China both dropping their complaints to the most recent proposition set forward by the US, UK and France to assign him as a terrorist.

Washington has endeavored to get his name on the rundown somewhere around multiple times since 2008.  But China had ruined the plans each and every time before this.

The JeM chief’s name has been added to the rundown under the UNSC Resolution 1267.

Indian academician and writer Shashi Tharoor spoke out saying: “Well that kind of deflates our satisfaction. If #MasoodAzhar wasn’t blacklisted at last because of Pulwama, then it logically has to be for all his previous sins. So is China admitting they erred in shielding him for 10 years and he was a terrorist pre-Pulwama too?”

Public and foreign policy specialist Michael Kugelman likewise guaranteed the listing was a major win for New Delhi, including, “This demonstrated how significant Pakistan is to Beijing.”


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