Intimidation of Kashmiri leadership by India condemned

Intimidation of Kashmiri leadership by India condemned
Intimidation of Kashmiri leadership by India condemned

MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider has firmly denounced assaults on — and terrorizing of — Kashmiri initiative in India-held Kashmir as a feature of New Delhi’s odious structures to harm the prominent opportunity development and genius opportunity associations in the involved region.

Conversing with journalists here on Tuesday, he said prohibiting of the Jamaat-I-Islami and Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) was one more impression of the bleak human rights circumstance in held Kashmir, where opportunity of articulation and opportunity of gathering and political exercises were smothered past portrayal.

His media talk harmonized with complete shutdown in the held valley against the evil treatment distributed to confined JKLF boss Yasin Malik and other political detainees.

“When you strip individuals everything being equal, they will undoubtedly turn to flighty strategies,” the AJK chief stated, implying assaults by Kashmiris on the occupation apparatus in held Kashmir.

He, nonetheless, clarified that since Kashmir was a combat area where the Indian armed force was in direct clash with the non military personnel populace, the last reserved each option to utilize arms against the previous.

Mr Haider said India was utilizing its National Investigation Agency as a device to bow down Kashmiri individuals after the disappointment of the majority of its intrigues to suppress the mainstream opportunity battle in involved Kashmir.

Portraying Mr Malik as the essence of the opportunity battle, he said India ought to enable his mate and girl to see him since this was their essential human right.

The AJK executive likewise solicited the administration from Pakistan to abuse discretionary channels to help Mr Malik’s family visit him at the most punctual.

“Pakistan is a significant non-changeless individual from the UN Security Council with respect to Kashmir. It’s its duty to assume a proactive job with respect to Kashmir,” he said.

In such manner, he recommended that the Pakistani missions in P-5 and different countries should connect with their outside pastors and disclose to them the circumstance in involved Kashmir with reference to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ report on the district.

“For what reason would they say they are short of doing this? The report has been set up by the UN and not by the Pakistani government or the Kashmiris. Pakistan ought to completely abuse this chance.”

Mr Haider said he was more than prepared to respect an UN-supported ‘certainty discovering mission’ in AJK as per the proposals of the UN High Commissioner.

In answer to address, Mr Haider said he had asked Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to independently address every single parliamentary gathering in AJK before a joint session with them.

He said he would likewise welcome the outside pastor and as of late selected director of the parliamentary Kashmir board to visit AJK at their most punctual accommodation.

“At whatever point Pakistani president, PM and different pioneers visit Azad Kashmir, it sends a positive message over the Line of Control where Indian pioneers are the unwelcome guests,” he said.


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