Islamabad woman allegedly gang raped by policemen wants to record new statement

Islamabad woman allegedly gang raped by policemen wants to record new statement
Islamabad woman allegedly gang raped by policemen wants to record new statement

RAWALPINDI: A lady who claimed that she was assaulted by four individuals including three police authorities has contested her prior articulation recorded with the justice, advising the court that she needed to record another announcement since she had recently been constrained.

Director of Police (SP) Saddar Circle Rai Mazhar Iqbal called a rushed press instructions after the lady talked before territory judge, saying that they were with the person in question and equity would be finished. He said total examination would be completed to determine whether the injured individual was being constrained.

Mr Iqbal said that not long after the injured individual stopped her objection, every one of the three of the police authorities she named just as the fourth suspect were captured. The injured individual recorded her announcement in the court of region officer Sumaira Alamgir on May 24, amid which she distinguished the suspects.

The unfortunate casualty supplicated before the zone officer on Tuesday requesting to record her announcement again and looking for the reevaluation of her prior articulation.

She said she had been affected and influenced by the media and central people from NGOs who constrained her to record her announcement under the watchful eye of the court.

In her application, she reprimanded the police for naming the three police authorities, saying that every one of the suspects were named in the FIR at the prompting of police and NGOs’ central people. She said the designated suspects were not included and were erroneously embroiled by the police.

She requested that the court drop her prior explanation and record another one, which she said was of her own unrestrained choice.

In the interim, the police created the four suspects in the court of the legal justice for a five-day augmentation in their physical remand, as the police have recuperated the gold ring and the cash referenced by the person in question.

In perspective on the injured individual’s new application, legal officer Mohammad Arshad turned down the solicitation for an augmentation and sent the suspects to legal lock-up. He guided the police to deliver them in court on June 11 alongside the case record and report.

The injured individual has asserted that she was in Bahria Town Phase 8 for Sehri on the night somewhere in the range of 15 and 16 May when she was kidnapped and assaulted by four individuals, including three police authorities.


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