Israel Recognizing Pakistan by Khawaja Hammad Akbar


The debate to recognize Israel is not new in Pakistan, this debate is quite old and goes back to the date of the emergence of Israel as a state. Historically, the geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa has tied to cold wars, firstly the U.S. and USSR and now the U.S. and China cold war, it is now an established fact the GCC countries were in healthy engagements with the state of Israel, and information sharing as part of their secrete relationship, earlier because of soviet Russia, and later due to Iran; and that can easily be deducted from the reasons behind losing mighty Arab armies to the trivial state of Israel and now GCC countries are falling to recognize the state of Israel one by one.I believe, before we indulge ourselves in the debate to recognize the state of Israel, we must analyze the geopolitical realities and strategic partnerships in South Asia and the Middle East, and think from the angle, is Israel really willing to recognize Pakistan or not? and is Israel in a position to have cordial relations with Pakistan while enjoying a strategic partnership with India?The foreign policy of a state is driven by national objectives and works under the umbrella of historical developments, and India is better serving Israeli and U.S. interests in South Asia in the mutual goal of containing China. If Israel thinks of cordiality with Pakistan, it will disturb the Israel-India-U.S. cooperation equation; because the Indian government is enjoying power within the country by selling Pakistan as a threat and the biggest aid to China, working to destabilize India. In my assessment, the U.S. will not give her blessings to the Pakistan-Israel relationship at the cost of their national objective to contain China in the region.Now, let’s analyze the current debate going here in Pakistan, for me, it is quite hard to buy the argument that Pakistan is under international pressure to recognize the State of Israel and Pakistan is likely to consider this option under pressure. In my assessment, this so-called pressure is self-imposed due to the lack of myopic vision of authorities, and the other running on social media is sponsored by the enemy as an application of their objective to hit Pakistan by generating an absolutely irrational debate within the country. So what should Pakistan really do?Pakistan should use U.S.-China cold war as the first prism and the India-Israel strategic partnership as the second prism, to see the possibility of happening of this phenomenon. Israel is standing with the U.S. and India to see China go down. Islamabad has to engage with Beijing to devise a future strategy and work on increasing interoperability among them and must avoid giving statements, speeding venom, and stop participating in debates to give unnecessary rebuttals in media.

Khawaja Hammad Akbar

Writer is a the Head of International Out-Reach Program of Global Times Pakistan.


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