Israeli missile hits Syrian region

Israeli missile hits Syrian region
This picture shows the city of Quneitra after Syrian government forces took it back to the rebels, on July 19, 2018. - Under pressure, rebels have agreed to hand over Quneitra and the buffer to government forces, an opposition negotiator and a monitoring group told AFP on July 19. (Photo by Youssef KARWASHAN / AFP)

DAMASCUS: Syria said Israel had completed a rocket assault that caused setbacks on Monday, in what Israel’s military said was a retaliatory strike.

“An Israeli rocket focused on Tel al Shaar in Quneitra,” the Syrian news organization stated, including a “military vehicle was focused on and there are injured”.

The Israeli military affirmed it did an air strike in Syria in countering for what it said was against air ship flame focusing on one of its contender planes.

The Syrian area of Quneitra incorporates the Golan Heights.

“Prior today, Syrian enemy of flying machine frameworks terminated at an Israeli contender fly amid a normal trip in northern Israel,” an Israel representative said in an announcement.

He said the shot mis­­sed and the plane finished its voyage before “the IDF focused on the laun­cher that had discharged” at the stream.


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