Karachi: Citizens stage protests after new loadshedding schedule


The K-Electric has added to the despair of Karachi s residents as it has issued a new schedule of loadshedding in Karachi and even the  exempted areas are experiencing hours-long power outages.

As per the SMS sent by K-Electric, residents of exempted areas of Karachi will face 2 to 3 hours of nighttime loadshedding in different areas.

Different areas of the metropolitan is experiencing 16 to 18 hours of loadshedding while the exempted areas will also experience loadshedding at night.

The K-Electric management has said that the areas where electricity has been stolen will experience loadshedding four times of 2.5 hours. While in areas where ratio of steeling the electricity is less, will observe loadshedding three times of 2 hours and exempted areas will experience power outages of 3 to 6 hours.

Due to the prolonged power outages, the daily routine of citizens and business men has badly been affected. Citizens are also unable to sleep due to the power outages.


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