Kylie Jenner Is Launching Her First Fragrance With KKW Beauty


The Kylie Jenner for KKW Fragrance perfume collaboration is officially happening. Kim Kardashian West took to Instagram to declare that Jenner’s first Perfume which is really three fragrances—will drop on April 26 around early afternoon on There are three beautiful bottles formed like a pair of pout lips—pink, red, and nude—with a different aroma inside each. Each aroma is $40 a pop, or $120 for a heap of every one of the three.


On Monday, Kardashian unveiled one of the stunning campaign shots on her Instagram, writing, “Three colorful bottles in nude, pink and red. These lip-shaped fragrances offer notes of red lotus blossoms, liquid amber and peony.”

Kylie Jenner also took to Instagram to celebrate the exciting news.

“No one understands how excited I am for this because I have been a true fan of KKW fragrance since the first one she ever dropped. I am obsessed and I just can’t believe I have my own.”


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