Legislation on WACOG to ensure national energy security: Hammad


 Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar Thursday termed passing of Weighted Average Cost of Gas (WACOG)-Bill by Senate a ‘historic and long-pending reform’ that would help ensure energy security in the country.

“We are now able to embark upon the reform of the gas pricing structure, remove anomalies and enhance supplies of imported gas,” the minister tweeted after the passage of the bill from the Upper House of the Parliament.

“This reform is as significant as the approval of the IGCEP [Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan] model for power purchase [granted] a couple of months ago,” he said.

Hammad Azhar said the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government had carried out the both ‘historic reforms’ in the power and petroleum sector during the last six months. 


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