Meesha Shafi has targeted me for personal gains, says Ali Zafar


On Saturday musician Ali Zafar addressed the media outside a courtroom in Lahore, speaking about his present legal battle with fellow artist Meesha Shafi.

Meesha Shafi blamed Ali Zafar for sexual harassment in April 2018. Zafar denied the allegations. More ladies approached via social media to blame Zafar for offense, following which the two artists have been involved in lawful procedures.

“To endure cruelty is a bigger sin than inflicting it,” said Zafar. “I wasn’t called to court today yet here I am because I’m telling the truth and a person like that will come to court regardless. And whoever doesn’t show up, you can assume what they are.”

“A campaign has been run against me on social media based on lies through fake accounts,” he continued.

“We’ve given that case to the FIA to explore on the grounds that it falls under cyber-crime and bullying. I’m disheartened by the way that her allies and even one of her lawyers are following these phony accounts and supporting them.

Zafar includes,”I’m stunned, it’s been an eye-opener, how can someone do this to a decent, innocent man who for 20 years has been spreading love through his art? Can just anyone tomorrow wake up and decide to settle personal scores through an accusation on social media? And herself leave for Canada.”

“I can’t utter a word about her intention, God knows better yet the realities before us are this was done with an appropriate plan with an objective on me for personal gains”.

“Regardless of whether she did this for universal acknowledgment since she needs to be Malala, that I don’t have a clue.”

“I’m here today despite the fact that I wasn’t called. It’s been over a year, I’ve documented a defamation case. Zafar includes.

“Meesha’s case has been expelled, according to the law, I’m as of now guiltless. This is a significant certainty, her intrigue has likewise been expelled. This case is for the all the mental and money related harm she’s done to me and my family.

“It’s been one year and our observers have come to court multiple times however they use deferring strategies to drag out this. I need to interest our regarded courts to give a judgment ASAP so the world knows my reality and her falsehoods. I’m grateful that the procedure has begun today, her attorney has begun interrogation. I demand Meesha and her observers to go to the court and face the court.”

Addressing Images, Meesha Shafi’s legal counselor has tested Zafar’s case that Meesha’s case has been “expelled”.

Meesha Shafi recorded a badgering guarantee against Zafar with the government ombudsperson, which her lawful group says was expelled on specialized grounds by the ombudsperson and Punjab Governor.

Shafi’s allure against this rejection is by and by pending under the steady gaze of the Lahore High Court, as indicated by her legal advisor Ahmed Pansota.

“Expressing that the case relating to inappropriate behavior in general has been rejected would not be right on the grounds that right now the case is pending under the watchful eye of the High Court, says Pansota.

“When the following hearing’s date has been chosen, the court will pass a judgment on whether the chosen person had the ward to hear this case or not,” he includes.


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