Meesha Shafi petitions SC to overturn LHC ruling in case against Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi petitions SC to overturn LHC ruling in case against Ali Zafar
Meesha Shafi petitions SC to overturn LHC ruling in case against Ali Zafar

Musician and actor Meesha Shafi on Friday petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) rejection of her petition to have the statements of Ali Zafar’s witnesses recorded and their cross-examination conducted in separate hearings.

Shafi, who is battling a maligning case recorded by Zafar over claims of inappropriate behavior, had prior moved toward a preliminary court and later the high court, taking note of that inability to lead the observers’ declarations and their interrogation in discrete hearings “would sum stretching out undue support to the offended party”.

She had likewise expressed that “interviewing observers based on their announcements just and without realizing them would be outlandish.”

Both the courts had turned down Shafi’s petitions, with the LHC including that the solicitation was “without any legitimacy” as the respondent was discerning of the observers’ names and has had sensible time to get ready for interrogation.

Shafi, through her lawyer, tested the high court’s decision in the summit court today, expressing that “the profitable ideal” of interrogation must be “genuine, reasonable and sensible” to the respondent.

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Lewd behavior claims

In April, a year ago, Shafi on Twitter asserted that kindred performer and on-screen character Zafar had explicitly badgering her on numerous events.

“I have been oppressed, over and over, to inappropriate behavior of a physical sort because of an associate from my industry: Ali Zafar. These occurrences did not occur when I was youthful, or simply entering the business.

“This transpired notwithstanding the way that I am an engaged, achieved lady who is known for talking her brain! This transpired as a mother of two youngsters,” she had asserted.

Hours after Shafi’s tweets, Zafar discharged an announcement completely denying “any cases of provocation held up against me by Shafi”.

He at that point recorded a slander body of evidence against Shafi for harms worth Rs1 billion in June 2018.

Shafi in a reaction to the appeal in Oct 2018 expressed that Zafar had irritated her on multiple events. “Ali Zafar annoyed [me] at a private studio and family works,” she said.

She expressed that she had been “constrained” to make a move against Zafar in light of the badgering episodes, including that Zafar had annoyed a few female specialists other than herself.

“I will likewise give proof [of the allegations] when the court requests it,” Shafi had said.


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