MNA Shazia Marri corrected Kashif Abbasi for trivialising harassment on national television


One more day, another oblivious proclamation made by a conspicuous anchor person.

ARY’s Kashif Abbasi as of late had previous Governor Sindh, Mohammad Zubair and MNAs Andleeb Abbas and Shazia Marri on his show to examine the NAB debate that unfurled a couple of days back when some recording and a couple of sound clasps were first disclosed by News One in which a male can be heard conversing with a lady, and making unseemly comments at different focuses; the channel connected the male voice with the NAB director, Javed Iqbal.

Grab had denied that the sound clasps had anything to do with its director, marking them “outlandish, phony and dependent on untruths”.

Amid the discourse, Shazia Marri brought up that the occurrence should be examined and could comprise as badgering to which Abbasi reacted that it appears to be consensual: “*Aap auraton ke liye bohot asaan hai shor daalna: provocation! provocation! badgering!” (It’s exceptionally simple for you ladies to cause a hubbub asserting provocation).

Fortunately, Marri rushed to address him: “Shor nahi daaltay murmur provocation ka, badgering hoti hai (We don’t simply make a disturbance about badgering, provocation really occurs). For the good of God, I thought you’re a sharpened man yet I’m having my questions today.”

Abbasi still didn’t get it and stated, “You ladies dependably play the injured individual card.”

“We play the ‘injured individual card’ since we are defrauded. To be straightforward, we’re living in a general public, in truth a world, where ladies are progressively powerless [than men],” she included.

We’re so happy Shazia educated him on his terribly misguided perspectives about badgering. We’re in the post #MeToo time and things need to change. We needn’t bother with hosts on national TV expelling badgering and taunting overcomers of maltreatment. A portion of these grapples truly need to remove a page from Shahzeb Khanzada’s playbook, who’s on the correct side of history.


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