Mostly Girls File FIR Of Rape After “Consensual Relationship’s” Break-Up: Indian Woman’s Body Chief


(Web Desk) Indian State Chaitisgarh’s Woman’s Body Chief Kiranmayee Nayak said that most of the rape complaints are filed after break-up.

While addressing a public hearing on harassment of women Kiranmayee Nayak said that if a married man lures a girl into an affair, she must understand whether the man is lying to them and whether he will help them survive or not. If that is not the case, both of them, mostly the women, approach the police.

Kiranmayee Nayak further said that in most of the cases, girls have a consensual relationship, a live-in setup and then file an FIR (First Information Report) for rape after separation.

India recorded an average 87 rape cases every day in 2019 and more than 4 lakh cases of crimes against women during the year – a rise of over 7 per cent from 2018 – according to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau.


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