MQM-P again demands a separate province for urban population of Sindh


KARACHI: Accusing the PPP-led provincial government of meting out injustice to the people living in the urban areas of Sindh, MQM-P once again raised the demand for a separate province, The News reported Friday.

The MQM-P organised a rally on Thursday to mark its 37th Foundation Day at Karachi’s Nishtar Park where a large number of party workers and supporters were present.

MQM-P leaders, according to the report, said the party would continue its campaign for the rights of the urban Sindh, and reiterated their demand to conduct a fresh census in Karachi and create a new urban province in Sindh.

The party’s convener, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, said their ancestors had created the whole of Pakistan but Zulfikar Ali Bhutto halved the country.

“Muhajir neighbourhoods were attacked as a punishment for standing with Fatima Jinnah,” he said, referring to the presidential election in the Ayub era and called for creating as many provinces as possible in the country in terms of population.

Siddiqui demanded that the government immediately announce a new census, allocate a budget for it and compile a transparent voters list in each constituency.


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