Muslim prisoner in India’s Tihar jail branded with ‘Om’ symbol

Muslim prisoner in India's Tihar jail branded with 'Om' symbol
Muslim prisoner in India's Tihar jail branded with 'Om' symbol

A Muslim man under preliminary in an Indian correctional facility has griped that he was beaten and marked with an ‘Om’ image by jail authorities inside the prison’s premises, India Today investigated Friday.

As indicated by India Today, the case became visible after the man’s family moved toward a Karkardooma court with the objection that their child’s life was in risk in the Tihar correctional facility.

At the point when 34-year-old Shabbir was brought before officer Richa Parihar, she found that the ‘Om’ image had been engraved on his back. The man has been in Tihar since November 2017, India Today said.

It was accounted for that on April 12, Shabbir had raised a grumbling with an administrator of prison no 4, Rajesh Chauhan, to reveal to him that the acceptance stove in his sleeping quarters was not working appropriately.

Because of the grumbling, the correctional facility official purportedly begun beating Shabbir. Chauhan later gathered Shabbir into his office, where he and some other correctional facility authorities beat the injured individual once more, India Today said.

As per India Today, Chauhan then took an Om image cast in metal, warmed it, and marked Shabbir’s back with it.

Shabbir was then denied nourishment for two days, and on April 14, Chauhan purportedly revealed to Shabbir that he had “changed over to Hinduism as he had ‘fasted’ amid Navratri”. The prison authorities likewise castigated him for his religion saying, “you Muslims have wrecked our nation”, India Today said.

As per India Today, when advocate Jagmohan met his customer in prison on April 16, the consume wounds had mended marginally.

The case was heard by the court on April 17, when Shabbir was at that point planned to be conveyed to court. In the court, the judge requested that he portray his story, and after that saw the marked image herself.

The judge requested for Shabbir to be therapeutically analyzed and quickly expelled from “the immediate or circuitous supervision of prison administrator Rajesh Chauhan”.

The court likewise requested a request and requested the pertinent jail authority to submit CCTV film and take proclamations of different detainees inside 24 hours.

On April 18, no authority from the Tihar specialist showed up under the watchful eye of the court; nor were the medicinal examination and request reports exhibited

The judge has now rehashed her requests and will hear the issue on Monday (April 22).


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