Next meeting to focus on foreign troops’ pullout: Taliban

New round of US-Taliban talks to start in Doha: Taliban
New round of US-Taliban talks to start in Doha: Taliban

DOHA: Upcoming talks between the Taliban and the United States will concentrate on the timetable for hauling out every single remote troop from Afghanistan, as indicated by a senior Taliban part.

In a meeting, the Taliban’s political representative Suhail Shaheen said past exchanges with Washington saw the opposite sides consent to an all out withdrawal, with just the subtleties waiting be fleshed out.

“In our last round of chats with the US side, we concurred with them on withdrawal of every single remote power from Afghanistan,” Shaheen said late on Saturday.

As an end-result of a withdrawal, he said the Taliban have focused on counteracting fear monger bunches from utilizing Afghanistan as a place of refuge or for propelling assaults on different nations.

“Yet at the same time there are a few subtleties to be examined, and this discourse will happen in our next round of talks and that is about [the] timetable of the withdrawal of powers from the nation and different subtleties,” he said.

US uncommon agent recommends next stages will be about intra-Afghan exchange and truce

The following round of talks is required to occur in Doha in the coming weeks, yet no dates have been formally declared.

US uncommon agent Zalmay Khalilzad, who is driving the discussions for Washington, said after the most recent round finished that “genuine steps” had been made, yet he demanded no understanding was come to on when the US and different nations may leave Afghanistan.

He talked about an understanding “in draft” on the issues of counterterrorism, affirmations from the Taliban and troop withdrawal, and proposed the following stages would be intra-Afghan exchange and a truce, however focused on that nothing was settled.

Khalilzad has likewise said that “nothing is consented to until everything has been consented to”.

A gathering between the Taliban and Afghan government officials and agents that was because of happen throughout the end of the week fallen in the midst of squabbling about Kabul’s protracted rundown of representatives, which at first contained 250 individuals. The gathering would have been discrete from the principle US-Taliban harmony talks.

Talks so far have confronted furious analysis in Afghanistan and globally for their absence of ladies members. While in power from 1996 to 2001, the Taliban restricted young ladies’ instruction, destroyed any Western thought of ladies’ rights and executed ladies on claims of infidelity.

The aggressors presently state they bolster some entrance to training for young ladies, however this would be along religious lines in isolated schools.

Shaheen addressed AFP in Qatari capital Doha, which has turned into the principle center for Afghanistan harmony talks and once facilitated a political office for the Taliban.

That office was shut down after dissents by Kabul, which said the Taliban were utilizing the workplace as a true international safe haven.

“At the present time, we don’t have any office,” the representative said.

“We need an office so as to issue proclamations, to hold the question and answer sessions so as to give data out to the media about harmony and to our very own kin once a day.”


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