No NRO for opposition, reiterates PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD (News Desk) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again given a clear message to the opposition that whether they stage sit-ins or hold rallies, they will never be given an NRO.

The PM said this while meeting Senators Faisal Javed and Zeeshan Khanzada. The meeting reviewed various initiatives for the revival of Pakistan’s film and drama industry, as well as producing feature films and dramas based on Islamic history nationally.

The Prime Minister also called for increasing positive and constructive activities for the youth and said that he wants them to participate in constructive activities as much as possible. He said that he would address the youth at the Tiger Force Convention this week.

The country’s political situation and the opposition’s anti-government movement were also discussed during the meeting.

The Prime Minister said that he had predicted from day one that the corrupt will band together. He took a clear and unequivocal stand and reiterated his position that no matter what happens there will be no NRO for the opposition.


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