‘No one left but you’: Bereaved Gaza father clutches wounded baby boy


Inside a Gaza hospital, Mohammad al-Hadidi cradled his baby boy Omar — his only surviving child after Israeli air strikes killed his wife and four other sons in the night.

“I have no one left in the world but you,” the 37-year-old father said.

After the strikes, rescue workers pulled the five-month-old from the arms of his dead mother early Saturday, one of his tiny legs fractured in three places.

All his other children — Suhayb, 13, Yahya, 11, Abderrahman, 8, and Osama, 6 — perished in the bombing along with their mother Maha Abu Hattab, 36.

“They’ve gone to find God, we don’t want to stay around here for much longer,” the bereaved father said, sobbing.

“We will meet them soon, you and I. Oh God, let it not be too long.”


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