None of Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets missing after US Count contradictory to Indian Reports


After repeated verbal threats and some brain-smacking allegations by the Indian Government and media that one of our F-16 is missing supposedly due to being shot down by their oh-so-brave pilot AbhiNandan Varthaman during the aerial dual on 27th February. The unfounded claims that Indian co-wing pilot AbhiNandan prior to the day of Balakot Strike had entered Pakistan airspace and engaged with one of the Pakistan fighter jets that tried to target indian military facilities and shot it down seems nothing more than “BIG FAT LIE”. During that aerial dual Abhinandan Varthaman landed across the Line of Control and was in Pakistani custody for three days before he was returned to India amid attempts to de-escalate the crisis between the two sides.

While Pakistan was being glorified in the face of International world and foreign authorities due to their manifestation of such magnanimity while the dark clouds of impending Indo-Pak war were looming over their heads, the Indian media & IAF on the hand were harping that Pakistan has kneed in front of international pressure and that their so-called brave pilot has shot down one of their F-16 Thunderbird. During one of the Indian news talk show, the Indian media went as far as exhibiting a similar aircraft to  F-16 jet burning down to the ground while their defense analyst on spot rectified the false statements by telling it looks like a MiG 20 not F-16 plane due to its base structure.  As if this embarrassment was not enough to the Indians they decided to dirty themselves a bit more.

The Indian government stands allegedly wrong on both accounts as Pakistan invited the United States to physically count its F-16 planes after the incident as part of an end-user agreement signed when the foreign military sale was finalized. The report comes days before voting starts for the April-May national election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top BJP leaders have been accused by the opposition of using the Balakot air strike, which was in response to the February 14 Pulwama terror attack, in their campaign speeches.

Indian Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman recently stated that ”We are definitely saying that an F-16 was knocked out by us and initially, the Pakistan Prime Minister claimed that two pilots were with them. One of the pilots was ours and returned as per the norms. Who is the other pilot?” It seems like Indians are going to telling self-made lies to the world until they are blue in the face but wouldn’t believe they have lost integrity in the eyes of the world.PM Imran Khan on unveiling the truth stated that “ Truth is the real policy” and facts cannot be hidden or twisted with to deceive the world.  Secondly about the other pilot, Why would Pakistan care to tell?

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