Obama grants ownership of outer space


In December 2015, President Obama signed another space bill into law: Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act. It expresses that “Any asteroid resources procured from space are the property of the entity that acquired them, which will be qualified for all property rights to them, applicable federal law and existing international obligations.”

Space mining may sound as a bit of sci-fi. Be that as it may, the science and innovation areas of now fully explored. The arrival on Rosetta comet in 2014 represents a piece of strong evidence that we’re as of now witnessing the beginning of the period of space mining.

Today there is a not insignificant rundown of privately owned businesses specialized in spaceflight. Some of them had been formed with the basic objective of mining planets and space rocks. For instance, Shackletonenergy expects to mine the moon and Planetary Resources the close Earth asteroids.


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