Officers failing to redress public grievances will be sent home: PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD – (News Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that solving the problems of the public is the responsibility of the government, admitting that there are issues at the lower level in Punjab. He vowed that any officer failing to address complaints by the public will be sent packing.

He was addressing a ceremony regarding two-year performance of Pakistan Citizen Portal in Islamabad on Friday.

The Prime Minister said the portal works under Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, which is a step forward to empower common people. He advised people to use Pakistan Citizen Portal for prompt redressal of their complaints against government departments.

He said the government is duty bound to look after weaker segments of society, including poor, old people, orphans, and disabled.

Imran Khan said three million people have used PCP for redressing their complaints and their satisfaction level is very high regarding getting relief.

He said PCP also provides a complete picture about response and performance of ministries and departments. He said municipal services have appeared as the least responsive section in addressing people’s grievances. He said this happens as our local government system has failed to deliver to people’s needs.

He said the PTI Government is going to introduce a new local government system under which funds will be directly transferred to village level. He said under this system, people will be empowered to utilize municipal funds as per their needs and priorities and resolve their issues pertaining to sewerage, waste management, provision of potable and water at local level.

He said City Governments will be established in big cities through direct elections to address civic issues locally.
Imran Khan expressed his deep satisfaction over resolution of overseas Pakistanis’ problems through PCP. He said overseas Pakistanis are great asset of Pakistan and it is good that their problems were resolved promptly after they lodged their complaints on PCP.

The Prime Minister said bribe is a big issue in Punjab and Sindh, where people are complaining of this menace. He asked the people to register their complaints at the portal if a deputy commissioner, assistant commissioner or police officer demands bribe from them. He assured that the government will take action against such corrupt officials. 


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