Organizers unveil Tokyo 2020 medals a year before Games

Tokyo 2020 medals are revealed

The unveiling of the medals, designed by Junichi Kawanishi, was the primary fascination of a lavish event in the Japanese capital to commemorate the milestone.

The occasion was attended by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The awards, which are 85 millimeters in diameter across, highlight Greek goddess of victory Nike in their plan alongside the Olympic symbol and are produced using reused metals, gathered from 6.21 million electronic gadgets donated across Japan.

Abe said he hoped one year from now’s Games would have a comparable effect as the 1964 Summer Games held in Tokyo.

“Sports unites the world and it manages equal chances to all. That is what sports are about,” said Abe. “Fifty-five years ago we discovered that when we facilitated it in Tokyo previously.

“Next year we want to demonstrate that again and we want this to be an opportunity where we can do that.”

Bach repeated that Tokyo is the best-arranged city he has ever observed in front of an Olympic Games.

“It will be a great and one of a kind minute for our charitable Japanese hosts. For you to demonstrate the world the best of Japan,” including Bach.

Coordinators accept they are on track to convey a world-class game one year from now and with 3.22 million tickets officially sold and more than 200,000 individuals applying to be volunteers, commitment in Japan is uncommon.

The only reminder of the issues in the development to the Games on Wednesday was the nearness of new Japanese Olympic Committee President Yasuhiro Yamashita in front of an audience with Bach and Abe.

Yamashita took over at the JOC a month ago, after the abdication of Tsunekazu Takeda, who is being explored for suspected defilement identified with the Tokyo 2020 offer.


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