Pakistan Army increased the cost of TEA?


Lahore : A twitter user tweeted that he has heard that Pakistan Army has increased the cost of tea and one cup of tea will cost one Rafale Jet.

Last year in February, when Indian Air Force violated the airspace of Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force crashed two Indian Fighter Jets. One of the Jet crashed in Indian Occupied Kashmir while the other one crashed in the Pakistani Territory and the pilot of the Indian Fighter Jet Wing Commander Abhinandan was arrested by the Pakistani Army.

Despite of high tension on LOC, Pakistan Army treated Wing Commander Abhinandan professionally and a video went viral in which Wing Commander Abhinandan was seen taking tea and saying that “THE TEA IS FANTASTIC”.

Soon after this event, Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi said that Indian Air Force should have performed well if India had Rafale Jets and now India has got the Rafale Jets from Russia so the twitter user reacted and said that Pakistan Army has increased the cost of tea and now a cup of tea will cost 1 Rafale Jet (For Indian Air Force).


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