Pakistan Exporters invited to Milan Fashion Expo


Pakistan is the superpower when it comes to Textile Exports across the world, and when we talk about textile and cloth manufacture within the country, Faisalabad is at the top of the ladder. No surprises there that textile production in Pakistan is export-quality and premium brand that can be introduced to South Asian and European market with the slightest push from Italian experts.

In a meeting with six-member Italian delegation headed by Italian designer Stella Jean, Mr. Hussain President of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( FCCI ) stated that Faisalabad was providing 55% of textile-related raw material across Pakistan while its share in total textile exports was around 45%. Also surprisingly Many local units are also using Italian textile machinery.

The good news is that FCCI delegation is scheduled to go on a trip to Spain to become part of an International exhibition in Barcelona. Milan Fashion Expo is global platform where exporters and business men from across the world will be present so this is a lucrative opportunity for Pakistan exporters to showcase their skills, talent, products and represent the goodwill of Pakistan. The event is set to take place in September this year and Stella has urged for all Pakistan exporters to chip in and participate, whilst our former President of FCCI Mr. Rizwan Asraf has personally invited Miss Stella to visit Faisalabad Institute of Textile Fashion Design, Khaadi and other leading textile units, which produced a huge variety of female apparel.

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