Pakistan is set to be the Top Tourist Destination and Famous International V-loggers are Vouching for it!


An ongoing report distributed in the English paper Telegraph has painted a significant promising picture in regards to Pakistan’s prospects of turning into a global tourism player

It begins with Lonely Planet’s portrayal of Pakistan in its first ever travel guide of 1973, expressing,

“If dope is what you want then you are going to the right place – hash and grass can be found just about everywhere.”

#Deosai Plains

The creator, Oliver Smith, further proposes that the nation is headed to getting to be ‘something unique’ once again. He certifies this improvement to the endeavors of Pakistan’s present government. The new visa regime, revised tourism policies and the encouragement by famous international V-loggers like Eva Zubek, James, Trevor, Rose Marie, Alexandra Reynolds, Drew Binsky and now Jordon Taylor is also coming to Pakistan. It seems like the doors to tourism and sightseeing is opening widely in Pakistan and why not? Pakistan is a drop-dead gorgeous country with world’s highest-ranking mountains and some of the history’s richest art and culture and let’s never forget some of the die-for cuisines in the country.

As of this current month, inhabitants of five nations – the UK, China, Turkey, Malaysia and the UAE – can exploit another online e-visa framework, while most confinements on development inside the nation have been abrogated.

Jane Westwood of Wild Frontiers, one of only a handful couple of UK administrators to offer tours of Pakistan (others include Hinterland and Exodus), respected the changes.

“The old visa framework was tangled,” she said. “The two explorers and visit administrators expected to record various supporting reports and the entire procedure took two weeks or more – presently it tends to be enveloped with only hours. It is additionally altogether less expensive, from £134 down to what could be compared to $60 [£46].”

She likewise applauded the relaxing of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) framework, under which traveler’s required extraordinary consent to visit certain pieces of Pakistan. These have been rejected for everything except a couple of fringe districts, opening up portions of Kashmir, Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Last year both France and Portugal relaxed their advice on travel to Pakistan; the US suggests its citizens “reconsider travel” to Pakistan, comparing it with the likes of Honduras, Sudan and Turkey and the permission to allow British Airways to make flights to the country straight from Heathrow Airport to Islamabad starting from 2nd June 2019 after a decade of restriction, things are looking up for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s potential for growth in tourism is almost limitless. A vast nation of almost 200 million people, it attracted just 1.9m travelers last year. With the expectant arrival of famous V-loggers and even internationally acclaimed actors and Hollywood stars, it seems apparent that Pakistan is enroute to tourism and success! The famous V-logger Eva has made a special video lauding Pakistan as top tourist destination and her words are poignant and we can’t wait for it to be true, Watch out the viral video,


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