Pakistan rejects Indian statement on accidental missile launch


Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday said that Pakistan rejects the statement by India’s defence minister Rajnath Singh on the accidental missile launch.

Qureshi told journalists the Indian statement was “incomplete” and said he had written to the UN Security Council on the matter and asked the international community to take the matter up.

India’s defence minister said that they are reviewing its standard operating procedures for weapons systems and will immediately fix any shortcomings after accidentally launching a missile into Pakistan last week.

“We attach the highest priority to the safety and security of our weapon systems,” Singh said in the first public statement by an Indian official on the incident first reported by Pakistan armed forces on Thursday.

“I would also like to state that a review of the standard operating procedures for operations, maintenance and inspections is being conducted,” Singh added.

Delivering short statements in both houses of India’s parliament, Singh said the safety procedures and protocols for the country’s missile systems were of the highest standard and reviewed periodically.

“I can assure the House that the missile system is very reliable and safe,” he said, without saying which missile had been accidentally launched.


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