Pakistan reopens airspace for civil aviation after nearly five months


Pakistan’s airspace has been revived to civic aviation with prompt impact, the Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday, following a very long time of limitations forced in the wake of a standoff with India prior this year.

“With prompt impact, Pakistan airspace is open for all sort of civil traffic on distributed ATS (Air Traffic Service) courses,” as per notice to aviators (NOTAM) distributed on the authority’s site.
An official at the authority, reached by phone, affirmed that the change was in effect.
Pakistan had completely closed its airspace following the violation of its international boundary and airspace by Indian fighter jets on February 26. In March, it partially opened its airspace but kept it banned for the Indian flights. India had also banned its airspace for flights to Pakistan.

Prior, Aviation Secretary Shahrukh Nusrat stated: “The Indian government had requested that we open the airspace. We passed on our worries that first India must pull back its fighter aircraft put ahead. We are prepared to open our airspace if India de-heightens.”

Pakistan lies amidst vital aviation corridor and the airspace limitations influenced several business and payload flights every day, adding to flight time for travelers and fuel costs for airlines.

The announcement came hours after United Airlines Holdings Inc said it was broadening the suspension of its flights from the United States to Delhi and Mumbai in India until October 26, referring to proceeded with limitations of Pakistani airspace.


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