Pakistani Scientist First Time Discovery of Micro Neuro-Chip for Epileptic Patients is all Set to Roll


Pakistani Canadian Scientist and the inventor of hybrid brain chip, Dr Naweed Syed is ready to start working brain-chip trials on humans in a few months. After years of toiling in research, experimentation and designing the scientist has found the miraculous cure of brain ailments particularly the malicious epilepsy. Dr. Nawed has been working over the years in pursuit of creating a micro-brain chip to relieve the sufferers of epilepsy in the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder with the common symptoms of frequent seizures because the sudden surge of electrical activity in the upper brain causes disturbance in the messaging system between the neurons. This brain-chip is the first-ever diagnostic device manufactured that will not only detect the seizures and send signals wirelessly to a wearable pocket backpack but also identify the location in the brain causing seizures that will facilitate surgical procedures.


Many times when an epileptic attack occurs the surgeons remove the affected brain tissue as well as the healthy tissue causing further harm to patients. This bionic chip is MR compatible that will pinpoint seizure-areas in the brain helping the doctors treat better. This marvelous medical invention by a Pakistani Scientist is nothing short of wonder as no permanent cure in medical history has been found for this curse. The neuro-chip is just a few months away from being tested on humans and it will alert the patients from the attack and also send SMS to your family or emergency services informing them about your location and condition.

Neuron-Chip inserted in the brain to control epileptic attacks

Indeed it is a moment of intense pride for the Pakistan Nation to be a part of such intelligent race who is embarking on such impossible endeavors and successfully emerging out of it. The Pakistani Scientist Dr. Naweed also aims to reduce the epileptic seizures or bring it under control by enabling this 3d wireless chip to emit negative transmissions that will neutralize the positive impulses released by the brain that basically cause these attacks. This is MEGA NEWS!

The human trials will start in the mid of 2019 at the University of Calgary, Alberta. So once it is approved and works the way it’s meant to, it would be available everywhere. Till then we can celebrate and hope that the trial sessions turn out great.


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